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Read Dr. Kamps’ book, The Source for Developmental Coordination Disorder --a guide to help parents, teachers and other professionals recognize and assist children and youth with motor skill deficits.


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Scientific research shows that approximately 10 % of children and youth have trouble learning to ride a bicycle, run properly, play team sports; and participate in general play-ground activities and physical education because of difficulties with motor coordination. Clumsy actions may cause the person to become somewhat shy, embarrassed, or withdrawn -- thereby reducing their ability to build typical friendships with other children. Furthermore, because many of these children also have fine motor problems, their academic progress in school is often negatively impacted.

But there is hope... KAMPS (Kinesiology and Meta-cognitive Psychological Services) offers specialized assessment and programming for children and youth who have difficulty acquiring fine and/or gross motor skills. The specialized KAMPS clinics and one-on-one assessments are led by Dr. Paulene Kamps and designed to help children and teens who struggle with poor motor coordination.

Dr. Kamps’ university degrees and experience in many different disciplines has led to her pioneering work in the diagnosing and treatment of Development Coordination Disorder (DCD). Although DCD is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association and World Health Organization, this ‘motor learning disability’ is not well-known in North America. DCD prevents individuals (with average or stronger cognitive abilities) from participating in age-appropriate sports and recreational activities.

Dr. Kamps has a unique ability to diagnose and then assist in the child-centered motor learning process. Her knowledge about DCD and specialization in the motor domain are warmly welcomed by parents whose children have faced years of unhappiness due to the impact of clumsiness, poor balance, and awkward movements.
Through KAMPS clinics, Dr. Paulene Kamps teaches specific physical activities and skills that children and youth seem unable to learn on their own. Newly acquired skills allow the learner (and their family) to finally enjoy and participate fully in typical age-appropriate physical and recreational activities.




  "KAMPS: Kids Actively Making Progress in Sports, School, and Socialization Skills"



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Dr. Kamps is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Phone: 403.217.5749