KAMPS: Kinesiology and Meta-cognitive Psychological ServicesKAMPS: Kinesiology and Meta-cognitive Psychological Services 

About Dr. Kamps

About Dr. Kamps






Dr. Kamps is a chartered psychologist who has been trained in many different disciplines. She uses her background knowledge in these areas when assessing what might be causing motor difficulties in a child, youth, or teen. Her training and credentials are:

  • B. Ed - Bachelor of Physical Education
  • M. Sc. - Master of Science degree in Kinesiology and Educational Psychology
  • Ph. D. - Doctorate in Educational Psychology

In addition, she and her husband parent four children. She also works as an educational psychologist for a provincial school district, does some private practice, and has written a book titled "The Source for Developmental Coordination Disorder".

She is passionate about her work. Her goal is to share knowledge gained in the areas of Kinesiology and Psychology to discern what area(s) of difficulty your child is having in the acquisition of motor skills and abilities.

A thorough investigation will be able to determine if poor motor skills are related to specific conditions such as:

The assumption behind this type of psychological service is that your child will use meta-cognitive strategies to address the motor issues. Specifically, this means that they will use their strengths in the cognitive/intellectual domain to understand and utilize basic bio-mechanical principles, in conjunction with visual, verbal and kinesthetic teaching techniques to learn basic motor skills.

Such strategies and techniques have worked positively with many children.










Kinesiology: The study of the movement of the human body.

Psychology: The study of human behaviour.


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