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  1. I begin an assessment by watching your child during several different activities at school (especially Physical Education classes and recess or noon hour play). Of course, this assumes your prior permission and that proper authorization is granted by the school. The observation will likely take about an hour. Please do NOT tell your child that someone is coming to watch them. If they sense they are being observed, their behaviour may change.
  2. Next, I would collect background information about your child. This can be done by having you fill out a family history form, or it could be done by conducting a thorough parent/guardian interview session. Information needs to be collected on your child's growth and development, other family history, when you first became concerned, and other pertinent details.
  3. A full psycho-educational assessment is conducted. The timing and location of the assessment process will be worked out with you based on your child's needs. As soon as possible thereafter, a detailed psycho-educational report will be prepared.
  4. Once the report is complete, I will review my findings with you. This usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes. You will receive a copy of the report, and the case may be closed at this point.
  5. I can report to school staff about my findings, and review with them what it means for your child's present and future, and suggestions that may help them manage better at school. Such meetings often include the homeroom teacher, a member of the school's resource team, perhaps the Physical Education teacher, and yourself.
  6. I offer programs from time to time to help your child practice their skills away from the scrutiny of peers and others who are more proficient in motor skills. If you consider this option, I would spend about an hour with your child explaining the purpose of the program and how it works. This also allows me to determine how well certain meta-cognitive strategies and specific teaching techniques help your child. This can also be documented as a report.

Updated March 3, 2006
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