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Written Resources on

Developmental Coordination Disorder



Written Resources

Strategies for Dealing with Motor Coordination Difficulties

Recognizing Individuals with Motor Coordination Difficulties


Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
(Research-oriented journal)

Calgary's Child Magazine
Selected Articles:
- Messy Writing? Terrible Printing? It might be a red flag.
- School Struggles - Willing But Unable?

Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) (Parent/Teacher Friendly)

Canadian Family Physician (Journal)

Children with developmental coordination disorder: Strategies for success
(This book is a good overview, but somewhat academic in content)

Developmental Coordination Disorder
(This book is also a good overview, and again somewhat academic in content)

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders - American Psychiatric Association
(Organization that comments on issues such as DCD)

Human Movement Science (Research-oriented Magazine):
Selected Articles:
- A longitudinal study of motor ability and kinaesthetic acuity in young children at risk of developmental coordination disorder
- A pilot trial of a cognitive treatment for children with developmental coordination disorder
- Abnormalities of motor praxis imagery in children with DCD
- Clinical and research diagnostic criteria for developmental coordination disorder: A review and discussion
- Clumsiness as syndrome and symptom
- DCD may not be a discrete disorder
- Direction of response in aiming to visual and proprioceptive targets in children with and without developmental coordination disorder
- Fine motor deficiencies in children diagnosed as DCD based on poor grapho-motor ability
- Perceptual skills of children with developmental coordination disorder
- Postural control and coordination disorders: The swinging room revisited
- Relative phase stability of bimanual and visuomanual rhythmic coordination patterns in children with a developmental coordination disorder
- Representational gestures in developmental coordination disorder and specific language impairment: Error-types and reliability ratings
- The assessment of children with developmental coordination disorders in Sweden: A preliminary investigation of the Movement ABC
- The assessment of children with developmental coordination disorders in the Netherlands: The relationship between the Movement Assessment Battery for Children and the Korperkoordinations Test fur Kinder
- The classification of specific motor coordination disorders in children: Some problems to be solved
- The effects of a psychomotor training programme on motor skill development in children with developmental language disorders
- The Movement Assessment Battery for Children: A preliminary investigation of its usefulness in Japan
- The relationship between physical growth, the activity level and the development of motor skills in adolescence: Difference between children with DCD and controls

Physical activities for improving children’s learning and behaviour: A guide to sensory motor development.

The Source for Developmental Coordination Disorder

World Health Organization
(Organization that comments on issues such as DCD)




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