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Dr. Kamps works with children, teens, parents and/or teachers to determine what may be causing difficulties in academic, social and/or motor performances.

Although she conducts psycho-educational assessments (typically including testing in the cognitive, achievement, social/emotional and other behavioural realms), her area of specialization is the motor domain.

It is common for her to assess children who end up with a diagnosis of attention difficulties (e.g. AD/HD or ADD), learning disabilities in any number of areas (e.g. reading, writing, math, expressive language, etc.) and other conditions (e.g. DCD, Asperger Syndrome, etc.). A thorough investigation will be able to determine if poor motor skills are related to specific conditions such as cognitive delay, Asperger Syndrome, Autistic disorders, DCD, or other disorders.

If your child is having difficulty with any of the following, more investigation of motor difficulties and their impact in other domains may be needed:

  • throwing or kicking balls
  • very poor printing or handwriting ability
  • catching or bouncing balls
  • problems tying shoelaces
  • running with a smooth gait
  • cannot manage a knife or fork properly
  • performing various balancing tasks
  • may have problems keeping rhythm with music
  • jumping consistently
  • using various racquets
  • riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards
  • participating in group sports, games and activities
  • enjoying recreational activities

The following services are offered to help address your child's motor difficulties:

  • Psycho-educational assessments
  • Written report of all assessments: These reports are very thorough and written in a parent-friendly format that makes sense to the reader. Uncommon psychological terms are explained in detail and there are many examples of the types of activities your child will have participated in during the testing sessions.
  • Recommendations, teaching strategies and instructional tips to help your child in their area of difficulty. These recommendations are based on information learned within traditional academic settings (e.g. university classes, workshops, conferences, special ed classrooms, etc.) as well as Kamps' parenting four children.
  • A specialized program for children who experience difficulty with gross motor skills. This is conducted in a small group setting so children will realize that they are not the only student who experiences motor difficulties. Each program contains 5 one-hour sessions. The first is usually a one-on-one session in which the child and parent(s) are shown the strategies that Dr. Kamps will use. The other sessions are for students only in order to reduce any feelings of inferiority or embarrassment if the child should make a mistake while trying their new skills. This results in a safe and effective setting for the child to learn new skills.
  • Programs at a central location: 3838 - 14 A Street S.W.
  • One-on-one sessions with children for specific skill development, such as learning to ride a bicycle.
  • Workshops and presentations for adults, teenagers and children. She can present on a large variety of topics including learning about different types of personalities, learning difficulties, what a cognitive assessment really measures and how it relates to classroom activities, DCD, and more. Contact Dr. Kamps for further information on these and other topics.

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