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Strategies for Dealing with
Motor Coordination Difficulties


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Strategies for Dealing with Motor Coordination Difficulties

Recognizing Individuals with Motor Coordination Difficulties



•  Break all motor tasks into smaller stages and work on the individual steps one at a time. As your child acquires the various stages, add the components together into a larger, more complete motor action

•  Offer exact descriptions and cues to assist your child with specific motor actions. Do not give more than three cues at a time.

•  During game play with balls, allow the ball to bounce once or twice before requiring that your child respond to it.

•  Explain to school staff that your child requires unrestricted access to all recess, phys ed classes and outdoor play activities; therefore, they should not keep your child inside or out of these activities for disciplinary measures.

•  Pause between instructions or explanations, so your child has time to process their understanding of the task.

•  Encourage your child to use the same verbal cues you used to teach them, while they are performing the skills.

•  Create specific rhymes and action phrases for practice sessions.

•  Stand directly in front of your child (your back to their front) during demonstrations, so they don't need to think about right / left orientations.


Updated March 3, 2006
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