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What previous clients have said about the services Dr. Kamps provides:

Motor Related Testimonials | Non-Motor Related Testimonials


Motor Related Testimonials:

"I learned a lot like how to be better at throwing and catching cause we did it in steps. It's fun. You get to try out stuff like skateboarding and you get to meet kids."
Douglas, age 10

"It was truly thrilling to see the smile of pride on my son's face when he showed me his new skateboarding skills."
Mother of Douglas

"Paulene's program is unique as it provides safe, effective practice for kids who are reluctant to try sports -- they choose their own activities and goals, receive expert skills analysis and step-by-step mind-body instruction appropriate to their starting level, never fear being watched or ridiculed and learn alongside others who share their fears and celebrate their successes. It's wonderful to watch their confidence grow week by week."
Ph. D. Educational Consultant

"Dr. Kamps makes learning really fun and easier."
Sarah, age 8

"I was lucky enough to learn about Dr. Kamps through the NVLD Society of Alberta. At the presentation, I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and the unique method she had developed for teaching children with gross motor challenges. I was thrilled and amazed that she was successful in teaching my daughter to ride her bike after only one session. The principles she taught us both enabled me to help my older daughter and her friend master this skill. Achieving this success has boosted their self-confidence greatly."
Parent of Sarah

"Thanks! I learned to ride a scooter, skip, throw a basketball, and lots of other stuff. Come here -- it's worth it."
Christopher, age 10

"Paulene's approach to teaching my kids (14 and 8 years old) how to ride their bikes was amazing! She had them riding their bikes independently after two single attempts! I had been trying for years. It really helped them gain a sense of self-confidence that they can do it! It was really great. Now they can ride with their friends -- and I am able to go biking with my kids and enjoy the great outdoors more often."



Non-Motor Related Testimonials:

"After having our son undergo several assessments that didn’t capture what we saw going on with him, it was such a relief to find Dr. Kamps. Her holistic approach to assessment gave us answers and explained why our son was experiencing difficulties in school. As a result we have a better understanding of our son and more importantly, the school and his teachers are better equipped to meet his educational needs."

"What a relief it was to finally find out what it was that made my son "different"! I had been seeking help since he was four: speech therapists, a pre-school health unit assessment, a visit to a pediatrician and even a referral to the Childrens' Hospital in Calgary. However, he continued to have inexplicable speech, learning and motor difficulties. Although he was also assessed regularly throughout his school years, we still didn't have any answers. It wasn't until he was in Grade 12 that I met Dr. Kamps and realized that he has DCD. He is now relieved to understand why he found school so challenging, and with his current assessment can consider pursuing a college education."

"As a result of Dr. Kamps psychological analysis of our daughter, we have seen her confidence in school go up immensely. Her grades have jumped at least 20% and she enjoys math, which was one of her weaker subjects. We all enjoyed working with Dr. Kamps. She instilled in us a feeling of trust and she displayed genuine care for our daughter."

"After assessment and intervention with Dr. Kamps, our daughter is doing extremely well in school. She's more organized; her notes are very tidy; and her performance on exams, in other projects, and all other academic tasks, has improved tremendously!"




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